If you are fetching your nets to be filled the NEW SlowFeeding Hay Sacks are a fantastic solution. They can be hang vertically (the traditional way) or horizontally for better eating angles and they are sooo easy to fill. You have probably fill traditional hay sacks and found that to be quite hideous but I promise you that comparing traditional hay sack with SlowFeeding Hay Sacks are like comparing walking in deep mudd in too large rubber boots to running on a well prepared track in modern running shoes.

SlowFeeding HS5/11, HS10/22 and HS15/33 has drawstrings both around the opening and around bottom net to make it easy to hang them in many different ways.

The only reason traditional slow feeding nets have been flat is because that is easier to produce but I don't care if it is easy to produce or not, I'm only interseted in what is BEST. Best for the horse and best for the person filling the nets.

I don't settle for "good enough" I want my products to be "BEST ENOUGH".