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SlowFeeding Hay Sack, 55lbs

$ 62.99
Mesh Size
Orders are welcome
Orders are welcome
Product Description:

HS 25/55 is a large SlowFeeding Hay Sack and takes 55 lbs of loose dry hay. Too big for most box stalls but perfect when you have hay in a round bale and want to check it befor serving it in a Slow Feeding station. It is difficult to move it when full if you are alone but easy to move when in a wheelbarrow. Easier to fill than a flat net with the same capacity.  This Hay Sack has a circular opening with a diameter of 39" (just over 3') and closes with a drawstring. The drawstring is shorter than the circumference because most people find that easier to handle but if you would like the full length of 123" just write that as a message to the order. ‚Äč

Available in 3 mesh sizes.