Round bale net, 4'

Standard round bale nets have a diameter of 64" and come in 2 heights, 62" and 88".

The low one (62" = 155cm) takes a full standard round bale if put on from the top down. This is however not the recommended solution since it is much more complicated that it might look at first glance. The main problem is how to remove the baling mesh and getting the SlowFeeding net on without the bale colapsing (ifit does it can be impossible to get the SlowFeeding net on the bale.

This net can however also be used from the bottom up which is a much better solution but then it will not cover a full round bale but only a fair number of smaller bales or a substancial pile of loose hay.

The high standard roundbale net (88" = 220cm) works the same way but takes a full round bale from the bottom up and leaves an unneccesary large amount of net laying on the ground if used from the top down.

Using a high "big round bale" net from the bottom up on a full round bale inside a square feeder with a roof is what I consider the, by far, best solution since it comes with far less work and ajustments than any other solution. It also save approximately 50% hay compared to serving an open round bale of un-netted hay in a large feeder. In square feeders with a side of of less than 7' the standard riound bale nets work perfectly. The big round bale nets are only needed in feeders with a side of over 7'.