Large bale cover nets.

This kind of large bale feeder SlowFeeding solution must be manufactured to fit the actual feeder (not the bale) or too many horse will spend too much time to try to get in under the net. The FR230 is designed to fit a feed ring with 12 eating slots. It has the shape of a large net box turned up side down to reduce the risk of horses getting their heads in under the net but still...... this is not my personal favorite.

If you still want this kind of solution (please think again) but have another kind of feeder just tell me because we manufacture special designs every day.

We can produce any size and shape from 1 of 3 different mesh sizes, with or without rubber cords to connect it to the feeder. I have seen so many mistakes so please ask me before running away and buy some worthless junk that will not work just because you believe you have "invented the wheel" and found someone who will sell you the parts for a nickle (it will not make you happy).