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attachmentBuilding a box

DIY 1 ply

$ 22.48
Orders are welcome
Orders are welcome
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Make a box and a frame (instructions are included) and buy a net.

The "DIY 1 ply" net is for a box made from one sheet of plywood which makes the box take 1 full 2 or 3 string bale. The size of the recommended box is 2' x 4' and 2' high.

The DIY 1 ply is super easy to open and close. No more stuffing hay nets ever again.

Both Home Depot and Lowes can help you cut the plywood so the piesces will fit into any ordinary car and you only need to cut away small 2" x 2" squares in 4 corners when you get home.

The longest piece of 2" x 2" you need is 4' long and the longest PVC pipes are just over 4'.

The videos below are filmed using the European box version but the nets work the same way.

Video, Eating from the DIY 1 ply
Video, Filling the DIY 1 ply